Financing Made Easy

We believe everyone should be able to afford an outstanding smile. We know that you have many financial obligations, and we will do everything it takes to make your decision to start treatment affordable. Dr. Guymon is passionate about providing state of the art care to everyone who wants to improve their smile. We will not let finances get in the way of you starting treatment. We offer industry-leading flexibility in our financing. No one is ever denied flexible payment options.

Plans & Pricing

Simple terms, low payments, no confusion.

    • Low Down Payment
    • Up-front cost for orthodontic treatment as low as
    • $400
    • to start
    • Low Monthly Payment
    • Monthly payments for orthodontic treatment as low as
    • $159
    • per month
    • Extended Payment Time
    • Plans can extend even beyond treatment times,
    • Interest
    • Free!

Payment Plan Calculator

Access our free, no obligations, no download Payment Plan Calculator where you can set your own financial terms and estimate your monthly payment. Complete the form below for instant access.