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What to Look for in a Pediatric Orthodontist

Posted on July 21, 2022

pediatric orthodontist

Did you know you should take your child for the first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven?

Most children tend to develop crooked teeth, teeth crowding, underbites, or overbites around this time. If left untreated, your kid’s crooked teeth may lead to serious issues. To guarantee your kid has a beautiful, healthy smile, you need to schedule visits to an orthodontist.

However, not all orthodontists may be right for your kid. With so many pediatric orthodontists, picking a suitable one can be overwhelming.

Below is a comprehensive guide on what to look for in a pediatric orthodontist that can help you narrow down your options.

Look for Reviews and References

Start by creating a list of potential pediatric orthodontists in the area. After coming up with your list, take the time to research each of them.

First, read online reviews on their website and other third-party websites like Yelp. These reviews reflect other parents’ experiences with the orthodontist in terms of the office environment, quality of service, and more. When you go through them, you can gain insight into how the orthodontist operates with kids.

If you feel the reviews are inconclusive, you can ask the pediatric dental clinic for the contact details of parents whose kids they’ve treated. A reputable kid’s orthodontist should be happy to offer you references.

Check for Qualifications and Licenses

Working with an unqualified pediatric orthodontist dentist is not only detrimental to your kid’s health but also costly. This is why you need to assess the depth of knowledge and experience of your child’s orthodontist before choosing them.

When vetting a pediatric orthodontist, check on their educational background. Make sure they’re certified and members of the American Association of Orthodontists. They also need to have undergone extra training to ensure they’re well equipped to practice on children.

Apart from their credentials, consider their experience. Don’t be afraid to ask the potential orthodontist how long they’ve been treating kids. The more experience they have, the better the treatment results are likely to be.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontics has been evolving. Today, there is an array of pediatric orthodontic treatment options available. As a parent, you want your child to access quality and modern dental care.

This is why you need to look for a pediatric orthodontist that offers the latest techniques and cutting-edge treatment options. Some recommended types of braces for children include:

  • Metal pediatric braces
  • Ceramic pediatric braces
  • Lingual pediatric braces
  • Invisalign for kids
  • Self-ligating pediatric braces

Do some research beforehand to get an idea of the various treatments to see which one may be ideal for your kid.

Pay Attention to Demeanor

Before booking your child’s first orthodontic appointment, ask for an initial consultation. It gives you a chance to bring in your child without pressure. You can use this time not only to assess the dentist but also the other staff.

Ensure you pay attention to how the receptionist, nurses, and orthodontist interact with your child. They should talk to your child with care and understanding. Also, check how they handle your kid’s dental anxiety.

Good pediatric orthodontics can find ways to incorporate fun into treatment, making your child feel less nervous. In case your kid is old enough to verbalize their feelings, you can also ask them what they thought of the orthodontist.

Always look for orthodontics that has a kid-friendly demeanor. It goes a long way to make sure your child is comfortable.

Check on the Condition of the Pediatric Orthodontic Facility

When you visit the orthodontic practice, check on the general atmosphere. The clinic should have child-friendly features including:

  • Kid-Friendly Dental Unit: A dental chair or bed adorned with stuffed toys and trinkets to capture your kid’s attention and help subdue their fears
  • Child-Appropriate Equipment and Instruments: The pediatric orthodontic office should have dental tools that focus on the needs of children
  • Fun and Happy Décor: An environment that’s decorated with things that kids love like cartoons will help them relax during dental appointments
  • Playroom Facility for Patients: A clinic that has a recreation room where your kid can hang out as they wait for their appointment is also vital

Apart from being a good environment for children, ensure the clinic is clean, modern, and well-maintained.

Consider Logistics

When selecting a pediatric orthodontist, one of the factors to keep in mind is your location and the proximity of the dental office. You don’t want to choose an orthodontist that’s too far away from home. It’s not only costly but also inconvenient when you need emergency orthodontic care.

What’s more, you’re more likely to miss or get in late for appointments. This is why you should opt for a local pediatric orthodontist. It makes you and your kid’s life a lot easier. You can easily get to them for dental appointments and emergencies.

It also allows you to build a more close-knit relationship with your kid’s dentist. Besides, you can save money on transportation costs. Ensure you also check the office hours and see if they work with your schedule.

Determine the Costs

Dental financing for kids is an important factor to look into before settling on a pediatric orthodontist. When it comes to cost, each orthodontic clinic has different options. This is why you should ask what they’re going to charge you for the services your kid requires.

Any reputable pediatric orthodontist will offer you a complete and itemized estimate of your costs, including labor, materials, as well as additional fees.

Be wary of dentists who charge much less than others. They may be lacking in experience, skill, or more. Pick an orthodontist with average pricing so you can get high-quality work without denting your bank account.

If you have dental insurance, check to ensure it covers the type of orthodontic procedures your kid needs. Also, ensure the orthodontist takes your insurance before you visit them. It’ll save you from unwanted or unexpected dental expenses.

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