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Invisalign: How It Works to Create a Perfect Smile

Posted on December 9, 2021

how does invisalign work

Are your teeth starting to look a little crooked? Perhaps you’ve started hiding your smile when taking photos as a result. You’re not alone.

In fact, half of American adults feel insecure about their teeth. Over 60% want to change something about their teeth, too. Some of the top concerns include spaces between teeth and crookedness.

With orthodontic treatment through Invisalign, you can straighten your smile with ease. How does Invisalign work, exactly? Is seeking Invisalign in Meridian right for you?

Keep reading to find out! After reading this guide, you can make a more informed choice before starting treatment.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Invisalign process today!

The Consultation

Before we answer the question, “How does Invisalign work,” you’ll need to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. They’ll assess your oral health to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment.

Most ideal candidates include patients who have:

  • Open bites
  • Overcrowding
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped teeth

Orthodontists usually suggest that patients with more extensive issues seek a different form of treatment instead. For example, your orthodontist might suggest traditional metal braces if you have severe orthodontic issues.

If you have severely angled teeth, they might suggest an alternative to Invisalign in Meridian as well.

Once your orthodontist determines you’re an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment, you can continue with the Invisalign process. 

Creating Your Trays

How does Invisalign work, exactly? With Invisalign treatment, you’ll wear a pair of clear, plastic aligners throughout the day. These aligners (or trays) will improve the appearance of your teeth.

Your orthodontist will create your clear plastic aligners by gathering more information about your oral health. First, they’ll take dental X-rays of your teeth. X-rays will allow them to get a deeper look at your orthodontic issues.

Their scanning equipment allows them to create a 3D replica of your mouth. The replica allows the orthodontist to create an accurate impression of your teeth.

They’ll use a handheld wand and move it over your mouth to generate a 3D view of your teeth and gums. Don’t worry; the entire process is painless.

Your orthodontist might need to take pictures of your smile, teeth, and face, too.

The X-rays will create a before and after image of your teeth. You can determine what your teeth will look like once the Invisalign process is complete. Reviewing the scan can also help you determine if Invisalign will accomplish your goals.

Creating a 3D model will ensure the Invisalign aligners are customized for your teeth. The aligners will fit perfectly to ensure you accomplish your treatment goals.

Your orthodontist will send the digital scans to the Invisalign site. Then, a lab technician will create your Invisalign aligners.

Once your aligners are ready, your orthodontist will call you back to their office. Then, you can officially begin your treatment. 

Wearing Your Trays

Your orthodontist will walk you through the entire Invisalign process.

First, you’ll need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. Your orthodontist might advise that you switch aligners every one or two weeks. Their instructions can vary based on your customized treatment.

It can require a little self-discipline as you get used to wearing, removing, and cleaning your retainer. Try to remain diligent. If you neglect to wear your retainer, it could impact your treatment timeline.

You can remove your aligners to eat or drink (beverages besides water). It’s important to remove your aligners before meals. Otherwise, foods and beverages could stain or damage your Invisalign aligners.

Eating or drinking anything that’s too hot or cold could warp the plastic, too.

It’s also important that you keep your Invisalign aligners clean. After meals, make sure to brush and floss your teeth. You don’t want food particles getting trapped between your teeth and aligners.

Otherwise, bacteria in your saliva can lead to plaque formation. Your risk of gum disease could increase as a result. 

Brush and rinse your aligners before putting them back in after meals. You can also soak your trays in cleaning crystals to ensure they’re clean. 

When you take your trays out to eat, make sure to place them in their case. You don’t want to accidentally throw them away with your trash. Close the case to ensure your trays aren’t exposed to bacteria. 


Now that we’ve answered the question, “How does Invisalign work,” let’s discuss its effectiveness.

Invisalign treatment is effective as long as you wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. You should remove your aligners only to:

  • Eat and drink
  • Brush or floss
  • Clean the aligners

It’s also important to remain cautious when cleaning the trays. Hot water could warp the plastic, altering how they fit. If the trays don’t fit, it could affect your treatment. 

The complexity of the orthodontic issues you’re facing can impact the treatment’s effectiveness, too. You might require a longer treatment duration if you’re struggling with complex issues. You can talk to your orthodontist to determine your Invisalign timeline. 

Follow-Up Appointments

Once you start Invisalign in Meridian, make sure to follow up with your orthodontist regularly. Check-ups will allow them to assess your progress. They’ll determine if they need to make any changes to your treatment plan. 

Once your treatment is complete, you’ll return to your orthodontist for another scan. They’ll use this post-treatment scan to create your retainer.

Your retainer will ensure you maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist will determine how long you need to wear the retainer. 

How Does Invisalign Work?: Your Guide to a Straighter Smile

To recap, how does Invisalign work? The clear plastic trays will close the gaps between your teeth or straighten your smile. With Invisalign in Meridian, you can put an end to the orthodontic issues you’re facing.

Instead, you can start smiling ear to ear while feeling proud of your new, stunning smile.

Eager to start treatment? We can’t wait to see you. 

Contact our offices today to get started.

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