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Types of Orthodontic Braces

It used to be that there was only one type of braces, and if you wanted to improve your smile, you were stuck with one option. Now, there are so many kinds of braces available, each of them offering something special. Below are the types of braces we offer at Guymon Orthodontics.

And if you don’t want to wait any longer to start your smile journey, we’re also happy to offer you braces the same day as your free consultation!

Metal Braces

These are the braces you picture when thinking about braces—well, sort of! Chances are what you are picturing are older versions of these braces, which were less comfortable and more obvious. Modern versions of metal braces are streamlined, effective, and comfortable.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are more fragile than other types, so they are not suitable for all patients. For those who make good candidates, they offer a less visible way of straightening teeth. The ceramic is translucent, allowing it to take on the color of your teeth and blend in better than metal brackets.

Lingual Braces

Most braces go on the front of your teeth, but lingual braces are placed on the backs. This makes them less visible—pretty much invisible—to the world around you. These braces must be custom made for you, which does increase the price. But if you have significant orthodontic problems, these may be the best way to get the treatment you need while keeping it discreet.

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