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The Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

Posted on November 22, 2021

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Having a healthy body starts with having a healthy mouth. And having straight teeth can help your mouth stay healthy. But what if you don’t have straight teeth? Thankfully, there are plenty of orthodontic options for adults. Getting braces is one of those options.

But what do you need to know about adult braces and why it’s important to straighten teeth? In this article, you’ll learn more about braces and why they can keep your teeth healthy.

Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

While you might think that only teenagers or children can get braces, the truth is that there are many benefits to getting braces as an adult. Here are some things to consider when getting braces.

1. Healthier Mouth

When you have straighter teeth, you can achieve a healthier mouth. This is because crowding can make it challenging to reach the entire tooth and get it completely cleaned. When your teeth are straight, you can properly remove plaque from the entire surface of the tooth.

You can also floss well because crowding makes floss challenging to slide through the spaces in your teeth. You’ll also experience fewer cavities, have better breath, and maintain better dental care.

2. Confidence Boost

When you have straight teeth, it can give you a boost in your confidence. Having greater confidence can help you improve your social life and even land a job. People who have straighter teeth tend to be seen as more friendly and may get more job offers.

3. Less Pain

When you have crowded teeth or problems with your jaw, sometimes this can cause pain. You can get headaches or jaw soreness and this can make daily life very challenging.

Straightening your teeth with braces will help the pain and may even eliminate it completely.

4. Worth the Investment

Some people may be turned off by getting braces because of the cost. However, if you factor in that your teeth will be healthier and may help manage pain caused by jaw and teeth misalignment, the investment is worth it.

5. Reduce Oral Diseases

When you don’t brush your teeth, you can succumb to oral diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay, and periodontal diseases. Plaque and tartar can line the gumline when it’s not removed. Because straighter teeth are easier to clean, you can reduce your risk of developing oral diseases.

Oral disease can also destroy your jaw bone. So, in straightening your teeth and properly brushing, you’re also preserving your jaw bone.

6. Reduce Tooth Injury

Misaligned teeth often stick out. When this happens, they’re more prone to injury. Having straight teeth reduces your risk of tooth injury because they’re not protruding out.

7. Better Functionality

Having crowded or crooked teeth can make eating or speaking a challenge. When your teeth are straight you have a greater ability to talk and eat without worrying about how you sound or if you have trouble chewing.

Types of Braces

When you’re thinking about getting braces, you want to know what types are available and are best for you.

Here are some different types of braces you might want to consider.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most recognizable and traditional. There are many advantages to having metal braces because they’ve been proven to work extremely well. They can correct a lot of different oral issues like overbites, crowding, and severe misalignment.

Metal braces had a reputation for being painful, but technology has improved and metal braces can be more comfortable than ever.


One of the challenges with adults with braces is that most adults would prefer braces to be as transparent as possible. This is could be because of their job or other reasons. Ceramic braces could be the solution.

Ceramic braces are more transparent than metal braces, however, the wire is visible. They’re not for everyone, so talk to your orthodontist about the benefits of ceramic braces.


While most braces are bonded to the front of your teeth, lingual braces are on the back of your teeth. This makes them completely transparent.

Lingual braces may only be for specific cases. Your orthodontist can help you decide if this is the right treatment for you.


Invisalign is not braces, but a dental treatment used to straighten teeth. They are pairs of clear aligners that shift teeth into a better position. One of the reasons that adults love Invisalign is because they’re removable and transparent.

How to Get Braces for Adults

If you’re interested in braces, the first thing you want to do is contact an orthodontist near you. Most dental offices offer a free consultation so you can talk to the orthodontist about which type of braces might be right for you.

Your orthodontist can talk to you about your goals and other dental issues you’re facing. They will talk you through a treatment plan, and you’re not obligated to do anything unless you agree to treatment.

The type of braces you’re going to get depends on several factors such as:

  • Severity of your case
  • Braces that are available
  • The braces you want
  • Your dental goals
  • Appliances you need
  • Length of time to wear braces

There may be other factors like the cost to consider as well. However, remember that braces are an investment in the future of your health. Many dental offices want you to have braces and they offer ways to keep them affordable and economical.

Braces for Adults

Getting braces is a personal choice, but one you can make for the health of your mouth. When you have straighter teeth, you benefit from a healthier and more confident you.

Are you ready to talk about braces? Contact us today for your free consultation and get started on a straighter smile!

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