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What Are the Advantages of Getting Same Day Braces?

Posted on February 11, 2022

same day braces

Only 35% of adults have properly aligned teeth, which means most people don’t. If you fall into the majority, you might want to consider getting braces. Braces offer a way for you to develop straighter teeth over time, which is beneficial in many ways. As you consider your options, you might wonder if you should get same day braces.

Same day braces offer many benefits, and here are some of the top ones.

Same Day Braces Help You Save Time

One of the top advantages of same day braces is they help you save time. To understand how this works, you’ll need to understand the process used for traditional braces and the procedure used for same day braces.

The Procedure for Traditional Braces

When a person decides to get traditional braces, it often requires visiting an orthodontist several times. The first visit is a consultation appointment where the person meets with the orthodontist for an evaluation.

During this evaluation, the orthodontist might perform a series of steps, including taking x-rays. They might also examine your teeth and ask some questions.

Next, the orthodontist will create a plan for the braces. This plan may involve returning to the office for the next step, which is taking impressions of the person’s teeth. This step is essential for fitting braces properly when ready.

The person might have one more visit, which completes the process of getting braces by placing the braces on the person’s teeth.

As you can see, traditional braces might require three visits. In some cases, they require only two, but they might require more than three in other cases.

The Procedure Required for Same Day Braces

When someone decides to get same day braces, they must schedule an appointment for the services. When they arrive, the orthodontist completes each step listed above, but they do it all in one day.

It might require being at the clinic most of the day, but the person won’t have to return multiple times before getting the braces.

Therefore, if you choose same day braces, you can expect to get x-rays, impressions, and everything else all on the same day.

They Offer Convenience

Choosing same day braces as your orthodontic treatment option offers convenience.

Imagine how much time you’d have to spend getting braces if you chose traditional ones. Then, compare it to the time spent with same day braces. Which option is more convenient?

People with busy schedules might not want to have to return to the clinic multiple times before getting braces. They might not want to take time off work, or they might not want to ask for a ride if they don’t drive themselves.

Both types of braces require going for checkups each month. The orthodontist checks all the components of the braces during these checkups and modifies them as needed.

They also tighten the wires on the braces at each visit, as this applies more pressure to the teeth to make them shift into place.

Your Teeth Will Be Straighter Faster

The next advantage to consider is the speed of the services. If you decide to get traditional braces, you might not actually get the braces on your teeth for a few months.

If you wait a few months to get the braces, you will not see any effects from the braces until then. On the other hand, if you can get the braces on right away through same day braces, you can see changes to your teeth sooner.

Braces don’t correct teeth right away. Instead, they work over a period of time. The point is that you’ll see improvements quicker if you get braces faster.

One thing that’s important to note is that orthodontists use the same braces for traditional sets or those they place on a person’s teeth the same day.

If you’re interested in seeing the differences that braces make, you can check out some before and after pictures. Seeing the differences can help you make the right decision about getting braces.

You’ll Reap All the Benefits of Straight Teeth

While same day braces offer more convenience and help you save time, they also provide the same results as traditional braces. As a result, they offer all the benefits that traditional braces offer.

The primary goal of braces is to straighten a person’s teeth by properly aligning them. So, what benefits does this offer? Here are some of the top benefits of having straighter teeth:

Improvement of Oral Hygiene

It’s harder to clean teeth when they’re crowded, crooked, or misaligned. Crowded and misaligned teeth might trap food particles in a way that makes it difficult for you to remove.

Additionally, when your teeth aren’t aligned properly, they might rub other teeth too much, causing abnormal wear on your teeth. When you have straight teeth, you’ll see an improvement in your oral health.

You Feel Better About Yourself

People often feel more confident with straight teeth compared to crooked teeth. If you’re afraid to smile because you feel embarrassed by your teeth, braces can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Straight Teeth Help You Speak and Chew Easier

When your teeth are crooked and misaligned, speaking and chewing might be more difficult for you. Once you have straighter teeth, you might see a major improvement in how you speak and chew.

You Might Face Fewer Cavities and Oral Problems

The bottom line is that you’ll feel better about yourself with straight teeth and experience fewer cavities and oral problems. In other words, you’ll have a healthier mouth and mindset.

Get Same Day Braces

As you read through the benefits of same day braces, you might realize that this is the right option for you. You can find out by talking to an orthodontist about your teeth, goals, and options.

If you’re interested in learning more about same day braces or other options, contact GO Orthodontics. You can book an appointment online or contact us for more information.

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